Wealthy or Middle Class Privilege

29 Sep

Navindra Guman, Oleg Gusev, Monica Garber, Katherine Polanco, Emily Stockdale, Anat Zaidenweber,and Cecilia Bowe

  • Live in a safe environment and neighborhood
  • Usually has a nuclear home/family (mother, father, children, and pet in a nice cozy suburban area)
  • They have steady jobs and if not they have enough to support the family and the house for the time being
  • Children are in better or privileged schools and are most likely in a stable home so they are less prone to join gangs and start trouble. 
  • When their opinions are voiced then they are heard because they have the money and that for the most part gives them power because it grabs others attention.
  • They have country clubs and different groups in which they gather together and talk about the current events in the world and lower class individuals are looked down upon as if they don’t belong.
  • Look down on the lower class of people because they believe that by having more money that they have more culture and class. (In some cases)
  • Less likely to be pulled over by law enforcement in the suburban neighborhood (as opposed to the idea of a lower class driver, driving in the suburban neighborhood).
  • They can buy their way out of legal problems.
  • They are treated better in general by all people because respect tends to follow with wealth.
  • The children have more opportunities open to them as opposed to the children in lower class families that cannot afford certain things such as piano lessons or ballet classes which help to shape and culture a child.
  • The family is able to provide for not only the needs of their children but they are also able to cater to their wants and so the children receive more attention and are seen as “popular” (or even “normal” in the case of middle class)
  • They have an opportunity to drive luxury cars.
  • They will not be discriminated based on their culture/religions if they have money.
  • Teachers and instructors will tolerate kids because parents are paying a lot of money.
  • People’s physical appearance does not play a big role. They don’t have to look like a model to attract opposite sex. If a person has money, his physical faults don’t matter that much.
  • Opportunity to go to college.

4 Responses to “Wealthy or Middle Class Privilege”

  1. dsapanaro September 30, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    The comment, “When their opinions are voiced then they are heard because they have the money and that for the most part gives them power because it grabs others attention” makes me feel that our society is so enthralled with money. I personally feel that someone should be listened to because of the what they are saying, not the amount of money they have.

  2. cwalton13 October 1, 2010 at 1:35 am #

    I think many of the points were very true, especially the opportunity to go to college, wealth gives a person more access to better schools, paying for your child’s education or the option to pick a school of ones choosing where money isn’t an object. Where as someone with limited income, does not have that luxury.

  3. monicagarber1989 October 2, 2010 at 3:29 am #

    I think that living in a safe environment is the greatest privilege of being part of the wealthy or middle class. It’s very important to feel safe when you leave your house. When people go outside to take their children to the park or to walk their dog, safety and security matter most. Most people in wealthy or middle class neighborhoods don’t walk and turn their head back to check if they are being followed. Their neighborhoods usually have patrol cars driving around ensuring their safety.

  4. em33962n October 5, 2010 at 4:11 am #

    I agree with most of the points that are listed. The wealthy benefit from many things and I think that most of them are obvious.

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