Wealthy Privilege

30 Sep

Wealthy  people often have privelages over other classes for more than just the reason that wealthy people have money. 

Rich and wealthy is a big difference. Wealthy people own land all over the world and usually come from a long line of wealthy people. Rich people vary from a  middle  class businessman that works hard at his job to a lower class citizen that won the lottery. Rich people tend to not know with their money whereas wealthy people invest in stocks and get more money. 

Wealthy people are privelaged because they never have to get turned down hot food because the deli doesnt give hot food on your benefits card. (if you don’t know what a benefits card you are most likely wealthy)

Wealthy people are privelaged because they have access to things that certain people will die for. 

wealthy people are privelaged because they most likely never spent an entire day without eating and never had to eat a 50 cent meal (sunflower seeds and a quarter water) for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

Overall wealthy people have certain opportunities that are not acessible to the average joe. so my recomendation to someone that is wealthy is to explore all your opportunities.


One Response to “Wealthy Privilege”

  1. dsapanaro September 30, 2010 at 7:43 pm #

    I am a little bit confused on the difference between rich and wealthy. How did you come to this conclusion?

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