Social Construction Exercise by Monica Garber

3 Oct

I chose to write my analysis about Always Infinity maxi pads. They are branded as feminine because women wear them every month when they menstruate. The purpose of these maxi pads is to absorb menstrual blood. In the commercial, a woman describes Always Infinity maxi pads as being astonishingly flexible and unbelievably soft. Women want to feel comfortable, protected and soft when they wear maxi pads and the commercial is definitely convincing. Women’s menstrual flow can be light, moderate, or heavy and these maxi pads look hefty enough to handle any situation. The commercial consists of a woman dressed up as a magician performing a magic trick by filling a big plastic container with a woman dressed in white with blue fluid. The idea is that the woman is in the container is the maxi pad and she absorbs all of the fluid, hence the maxi pads are magical.

Maxi pads are branded as feminine because men do not have to experience having their period every month. They are branded for women because the company has a specific target, therefore their commercials always have women in them and speak about how their product will benefit the lives of women and make them happy every month. Since this isn’t a product that would generate interest in men, it’s designed to be appealing to women. Women also use maxi pads for spotting, urine leaks and discharge. These are feminine hygiene issues that women face on a daily basis. Men do not wear maxi pads because they do not have vaginas and have no use for them.

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