Video Games – Masculine

3 Oct

Ysamar Garcia

Social Construction Exercise

Video Games

Video games today start to be played at a very young age, many are educational for young kids, yet as children get older the games become more aggressive and violent. In our society it is seen that the girls are expected to play with dolls while boys play with cars and most of the time video games. As time goes by girls get tired of their dolls, but boys never get tired of video games.

Today there are men all over the world playing video games, from a little boy to men as old as 30. Yet the marketing for the games are targeted towards them, so who blames them? According to the top video games today are Super Mario Galaxy 2, Halo: Reach, Super Street Fighter IV, and Grand Theft Auto IV. Most of these games automatically say BOYS. Besides Super Mario, the rest of the games are extremely masculine; they are focused on being aggressive, strong, and have a sense of violence which gets the adrenaline of men going a lot more than it does for women.

Are there video games for women? Yes. Do women like to play video games such as the ones mentioned above? Yes. But the main point is that video games are definitely focused towards men and what they will be interested in, making it very masculine.


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