6 Oct

Social Construction Exercise

The advertisement featured above is meant to promote smoking. And how exactly is it

doing that? With sexual innuendo of course. “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.” Sure,

in a non-sexualized society this statement may simply mean that it is smoke they are referring to for a

man to blow in a woman’s face. But obviously they are implying…well, you know. Sex has been

notoriously linked to cigarettes as this advertisement proves with the dramatic and explicit undertone.

This advertisement is attempting to use cigarettes to target men and lead them to believe that

smoking their cigarettes will help them get a girl, not just a girl, but a ridiculously hot girl. Cigarettes

have generally been marketed as a masculine product in the past. For instance, Marlboro cigarettes

are famously known for their “cowboy” marketing theme. While this advertisement may be attractive

to men, it can be insulting to women. The woman in the advertisement has a look of appeasement

and attraction on her face as smoke is being blown in to it. Typically, blowing smoke in someone’s

face is an insult, a way to demean a person. This advertisement is implying that a woman enjoys

being “blown” in the face, which is why this ad is only meant to target men.


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