Social Construction Exercise- Meaningful Beauty

6 Oct

Meaningful Beauty

The “gender” object that I chose to analyze was a skin care product called “Meaningful Beauty”. This product came about with the collaboration of cosmetic doctor Dr. Jean-Louis  Sebagh and supermodel Cindy Crawford.  For years, Cindy has gone to Dr Sebagh for his “age maintenance products that contains ‘Botox, collagen, vitamin and antioxidant injectables from serum of an extract melon to preserve skin’s existing youth and vibrancy.’” (Meaningful Beauty website) This is basically a product that helps with reducing wrinkles and produces a flawless skin.  It’s only 39.95 and you can change the way you look.
How can one resist such a great offer where it helps with these certain problem areas? Here are some of the feedback that came from satisfied customers include: “Valerie Servageon Grande, 35 ‘It really helps to fade the first lines you get around your eyes,’ Amanda Eliasch, 43 ‘You have a certain radiance when you use it, which I don’t think you get from other products. It makes you feel good. It feels good,’ Dr. Crystal Rieger, 36 ‘I’ve noticed an overall evening of the texture of my skin. The skin quality is more refined and when I looked a bit closer, I realized that my pores were shrinking’ and Cinda Vann, 40 ‘My husband started looking at my face a little closer and saying, ‘Boy, I can really see a difference!'” (Meaningful Beauty Website).
It is obvious that this product is branded toward women. In the commercial, there are only women that speak on behalf of the product. But why is it so? I feel that society and Hollywood have put a strain on women with beauty and aging. Why do women have to be pressured to look a certain way that may be fake and unrealistic? I feel that society and Hollywood want women to look beautiful and young all the time. It is like a problem when women have wrinkles. Women have to do everything to hide wrinkles or blemishes while men in society or in Hollywood that have them are more distinguished or sophisticated.  Why do commercials never show the negative side of it? Not everyone can have the same results. I don’t have a problem with this product but I do feel that we are doing a disservice to ourselves when we try to cover everything up when we should embrace it. No one is perfect. Don’t judge before you get to know the person and beauty comes within not from a bottle.


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