Social Construction Exercise: Axe Detailer

6 Oct

Commercials have been attention getters for many years and some are made both for men and women and others are specifically for one gender. The AXE commercials promote hair products, deodorants and soap for men. In this commercial “Wash Your Balls” it shows how the AXE detailer is well for cleaning “balls”, but it is obvious that it is not for soccer, basketball, baseball or tennis balls they are talking about. Even though they do use balls and all male sports as an example it is really talking about the male body.

 As the balls are being cleaned the men in the audience are paying close attention and the camera focuses on their reactions.  AXE has different types of smells for their products and they try to show that women go crazy for men when they smell them. As to the commercial when the woman feels the balls she agrees with being satisfied with the results. This shows how it is assumed that women will like it. Four different men give her four dirty pair of balls, indicating that the color, age or size does not matter because they can all get cleaned when using AXE.  Society sometimes puts certain expectations on men and how they should look but the commercial shows that neither of that matters.

The balls used in the commercial are really a way of saying  AXE cleans male genitals, although they don’t say it, it is shown in a different ways like having men throw “balls” or a “sack of balls” to show how the product works. Women are also part of the audience but the men are the only ones who have the balls with them.

This commercial is an example of a gender object because it clearly focuses on a product for males. A product that is well for showering, staying clean and be satisfying for women. This shows how men are also expected to look good and smell good for women to be interested in them.

-Estefania Mejia


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