Social Construction Exercise: Old Spice

6 Oct

The Old Spice deodorant, body wash and fragrance line is branded as a masculine product and is aimed at the general population of men.  The commercial fights its competitors by indirectly saying that other body washes and fragrances that men use makes them smell like a woman and they state that they can completely change a man into a real man with just the scent of the old spice body wash. The old spice commercial focuses on describing the ideal man that the media and movies portray. The commercial is exaggerated but the point that they are trying to impress on the target audience of men is that, one can smell like a “real man” even if they cannot live up to what a “real man” is expected to do or be. The commercial also chooses to indirectly speak to the targeted audience because they are asking the women to compare “their men” to that of the model on the commercial who supposedly represents what a “real man” is. The model goes on to tell the women that their men are “sadly” not him but if they use this Old Spice product them it is possible to at least smell like him. This is a good marketing strategy because it plays on a man’s insecurity and has the target audience question their masculinity or “man level.” If this product could possible raise their level of masculinity and or give them the feeling that society will accept them because they now have the “scent of a real man” men will be more liable to buy it. The commercial also uses the stereotype or the media perception of women that most men in society possess. They show that a “real man” would buy tickets and diamonds and takes their women on vacations (because all women are perceived to be materialistic in society) because a “real man” knows what a woman wants.  At the end of the commercial the model continues to say that anything is possible when a man smells like “old spice” and not a “lady.” This last statement shows that they associate the Old Spice product with the scent of a man and opposite the scent of a woman.


One Response to “Social Construction Exercise: Old Spice”

  1. cwalton13 October 14, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    I know several women who like this commercial, mainly beacuse of the actor in it, even though it was geared towards men. I personally think it’s getting old. I also find it interesting that this was so popular that it has spawned a Sesame Street parody. Goes to show sex appeal sells, even among the pre-school set. Although they did ban Katy Perry for her “provocative” outfit on the show.

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