Dodge Advertisement

7 Oct

 The following advertisement I have chosen is for Dodge.  In this ad, a bunch of men are shown staring blankly into the camera.  They are all speaking in monotone voices.  All of them appear to be completely submissive to their girlfriends/wives and are speaking from their point of view.  The commercial then cuts to a Dodge speeding through the desert very loudly.  The commerical ends saying that Dodge is Man’s last stand. 

This commercial is obviously very gender biased toward men.  The men from this ad are shown to be completely bored with the typical married life.  They are shown to have lost their masculinity and the only way to reclaim it is to buy a fast and expensive car.  The ad clearly embraces the bachelor lifestyle.  Is this how the media thinks the average man feels in a relationship?  In recent years, some groups feel that masculinity is declining.  With the rise of pop music and women in the workplace, men are slowly losing their dominance in society.  This advertisment seems to feed off of the fear of  men not feeling like a man.  Why is it that some men need expensive cars to feel whole?   Comment and let me know what you think.

-John DiChiaro


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