Emporio Armani Cologne Ad

7 Oct

The ad that I chose is an Emporio Armani cologne advertisement. The cologne is called Diamonds. It features a famous actor named Josh Hartnett as the focus of the ad. It shows him being swarmed by paparazzi and beautiful women. Josh Hartnett looks very content in the ad and seems to be loving all of the attention that he is getting. He is dressed in a nice suit and the others you can see in the ad seem to be dressed up to. In small print it says “hard to resist!” above the product name. It is a black and white advertisement that gives it an old Hollywood look and feel to it.
This ad is focused towards men. It has a celebrity on it which portrays the idea that whoever wears it will be getting a huge amount of attention and be as important and loved as a celebrity would be. To add to the idea of attention and praise it has what looks to be paparazzi all around the main man in the ad. And, it shows beautiful women with their hands all over him. It sends the message that if a man buys this cologne he will be irresistible to women, which every man wants. Also, because of the fact that it is in black and white it adds sophistication as does the brand name alone as it is a designer brand. I think the name diamonds for the cologne also plays a part in advertisement. Everyone knows the saying “diamonds are a girls best friend” and by a man wearing this cologne its as if he is the diamonds to women. It seems as if the ad should be aimed towards bachelor men but I think it is aimed towards all men. I think this because the whole point is that this cologne will make any man feel like he is famous, praised, important and loved by women. It is completely unrealistic as to what the actual effects of a man wearing the cologne would be, as are mostly all advertisements we see today


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