Men In Skirts ?

7 Oct

The English banned the wear of kilts in 1746.  Is this what started the precedent that men can’t wear skirts? Why weren’t skirts ever banned for women? I ask myself is it a sexist piece of clothing? Is it because men don’t have the legs for skirts? I don’t know only you can answer that question for yourselves. In todays society if men decide to wear skirts they’d be considered out casts and be frowned upon. But I feel that men should be able to wear what their comfortable in. If women can have a choice between skirts and pants, men should have equal opportunity. (even if there legs aren’t that nice)

One of hip hops biggest icons, Diddy, performed in Scotland. He came out in a kilt which people referred to as a skirt. He headlined every blog, the picture was all over the net. People were starting gay rumors, making fun of him, etc. I didn’t really see what the fuss was about. A man shows a few inches of skin and gets made fun of. However, if a woman comes out on stage for a performance half naked she is applauded. I really don’t see any difference.

Be a man, wear a skirt. See what it is us ladies go through. Let’s see if the women construction workers scream and holler at you when you walk on by…



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