Social Construction Exercise

7 Oct


Razors have always been advertised to both men and women but the way they are advertised for each sex is completely different. Shaving is a huge part of society, men need to have clean clean shaven faces and women with hairy legs are frowned upon. The second I log onto the Gillette Venus website (for women), nice, calming music is playing and the website shows pictures of women having fun with bright colors. Women, since the beginning of time, were expecting to maintain their figure and keep themselves well groomed and hairless. This website offers shaving tips and all different kinds of razors for women. What this website fails to show is that razors are universal and can be used for either sex. But, these razors are all bright colors and look beautiful as opposed to the mens’ razors which are presented in darker colors. Both types of razors are supposed to leave the skin the same way and do the same job. So why are they marketed and sold specifically for men or women?  Women’s razors are not only supposed to rid legs and underarms of hair, but they also promise to leave skin smooth and soft. “I’m your venus, I’m your fire your desire or reveal the goddess in you”. This is the catch phrase used on every single ad in the commercials. When you break it down, first a woman is being compared to the goddess Venus or just a goddess in general. Then she is comparing herself to fire and the male’s desire. Who knew a razor could make a woman be desired? These ads show women in bright colored bikinis and extremely smooth shiny legs. These same razors could be used by men but because of the bright colors and the strips that are on the razor to make skin smoother they are dubbed as “women’s razors”.

When researching men’s razors, I have found that there are way less of a variety of brands. I found one main brand which is the same brand as women’s razors, Gillette.  What is funny is that these razors do the exact same thing but the adjectives are used differently. On the men’s website,  they describe the shave as the most comfortable but the women’s razor is described as smooth and soft. The men’s razors also have more blades because men’s faces are “more rugged”. Men’s razors have grippers on the razor to make sure the razor is more accurate and to prevent cuts. “Unbeatable, walking on water, the best a man can get”. I would not describe a good shave as walking on water but I’m not the one to judge. The colors of the razors are different and there is more metal trim involved. These commercials show men playing all different sports, riding motorcycles and show a women smiling at the man because of his good shave. These commercials are unrealistic and would not normally happen in real life.

Overall these razors are from the same company and do the same exact thing but it is incredible that a company can advertise practically the same product but by a simple change of color and description.


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