Social Construction Exercise – Cologne Marketing towards Men

7 Oct

I chose this product because of the many reasons it can be identified with gender roles, and the clever way it was photographed.  This is an advertisement for Tom Ford cologne for men.  Thomas Carlyle “Tom” Ford is an American fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label.

It is clear here who this advertisement is directed towards, men.  The way it is photographed as well is equally as shocking as it is cunning, especially considering that it is directed towards men in general.  By only showing the woman from the mouth to the breasts with the cologne in between her cleavage; they are advertising not only the cologne, but the potential sex appeal the cologne has for men.  Her open mouth and cleavage also take away from the fact that she is a woman, and shows her only as a material item for sex.  This is demeaning for all women, and the men seeing this advertisement would think that if they were to buy this cologne and wear it, then they will be able to attract women and have sex with them.  This is a male oriented due to the strategic place of the cologne bottle, as if it’s tempting men by showing them what benefits wearing the cologne could bring to those who purchase it.


One Response to “Social Construction Exercise – Cologne Marketing towards Men”

  1. monicagarber1989 October 7, 2010 at 5:11 pm #

    Awesome ad. I love it!

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