social construction

7 Oct

The ad I chose is for Barilla pasta. In the ad, a woman comes to visit her friend and her [friend’s] family, and immediately meets their attractive Italian neighbor. She and her friend then cook spaghetti for dinner, which the attractive Italian neighbor attends for no reason other than to sit there and look good.


This ad is clearly targeted toward women. The first shot is a wide shot of a beautiful hillside, which is something that is stereotypically identified as something that would appeal to a woman. In addition, the people most featured in the video are both women. When they are in the kitchen making dinner, one looks at the box of Barilla pasta and says, “You’re such a good mom.” I don’t even know what to attribute that to. Literally the worst line in a commercial ever. Clearly it takes parenting skills to cook pasta. But even on top of that, at the end the attractive man shows up just to say that her meal is perfect. This implies that cooking this brand of pasta will not only make you a good parent, but also attract men to you, because clearly that’s what women look for in a brand of noodle.



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