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12 Oct

Feminism/Pop Culture

Video games are genuinely targeted towards men and often depict women as sex objects. I am a fan of the Grand Theft Auto video games because, well, I like to drive, not kill hookers. But as a fan I’ve seen first hand how women game characters are mistreated and represented. And as a woman, I also have experienced first hand what its like to be stared at and hollered at in the street. As this blogger states it can make a woman feel powerless, for me, I honestly find it just annoying, although, at times amusing. There are countless women that are affected by catcalling and verbal harassment on the street and this video game, Hey Baby, brings light to this matter. Harassment of all forms is always about power. Men holler at women on the street to simply prove that they can and show that they can, even for a moment, control what they believe to be the “weaker sex.” This video will most likely bring out the usual stereotypes whenever a female main character is involved. “She’s a bitch…She’s a lesbian.” I am not positive at all that this game will help the feminist cause. The cover of the video games feature a woman holding a fun standing over the dead and screaming bodies of multiple men. Will this game stand to reason for feminism or just perpetuate the stereotype that feminism works for not equality between the sexes, but control over the opposite sex? This game can serve one purpose. It can empower the women who feel defenseless and violated when they are harassed on the street. Hopefully, it will not lead them to believe that they can shoot a man that yells something at them on the street, rather stand up for themselves and realize that one person on the street does not have the authority to take all their power.


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  1. itzjessicax3 October 15, 2010 at 3:35 pm #

    I agree with you. I feel that women are powerless in videogames and in reality. In videogames, they are always the follower or they are the slut, hooker and such. I like playing Grand Theft Auto myself because I get to drive and steal cars which I would not do in reality. Videogames is a sanction to release things you wouldn’t normally do in reality. Women are always portrayed as being lower class to men. WHY?

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