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14 Oct

“Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist” by `Danielle Burch was a blog that caught my attention at first because it came from a high school girl who wrote about common problems that I could easily relate to and understand. She started a club at her high school called “Real Beauty Revolution”, that allows girls to come together and talk, vent and encourage one another. They talk about topics like gender inequality, body images, media stereotypes, relationships and self- esteem.  On one of their discussions they talked about how people at school never stop to get to know who we really are and how we are stuck in an image that does not describe us. I completely agree with Danielle because we are in a society that judges one another without even knowing how, or who we are. Not only that but we make assumptions without even knowing it and it’s all because since young we are taught to categorize people by the way they look, act, and by their choices. For example if a girl wears something revealing she is automatically assumed to be a “slut”. If a girl is quiet she doesn’t know how to stick up for herself or if two girls are holding hands they are lesbians. But what if they are just really good friends?  By making these assumptions and not getting to know who and how the person really is we decide not to associate with them, but sometimes we have more things in common that what we would imagine. Image is a really big issue in society. As women we are surrounded by commercials, ads and media that tell us how we are “supposed” to look. The woman who is supposed to be skinny, with nice curves, good hair and have overall beauty.  But we are more than that because nobody is perfect. Beauty is defined by the eye of the beholder. This image pressures us to try to be who society wants us to be and expect us to be. Unfortunately if we don’t follow this image we are judged and categorized as weird or ugly. Like Danielle points out, we don’t have to follow that image or let us control us, because we are beautiful in many different ways.

In another of her post Danielle talks about sexual and domestic violence.  Two issues that are known in society but not talked about as much because of fear and the need to talk with someone who will help and listen. “Soul Speak Out” is a space for survivors who have experienced sexual and domestic violence. People of all ages, genders, sexualities, cultural identities, nationalities and disabilities are welcome to share their stories. I think this is a great way to talk about their problems and try to get people to be more open about it so society can be aware of the problem and reach out for help. Many have experienced sexual assault, domestic violence, incest, child sexual abuse and sexual harassment. Danielle points out something very true “Though most of us can’t even fathom what must go through a woman’s mind as she is being abused and left to deal with the lingering emotional trauma, or in some cases, guilt.”  I agree with her because we can’t judge a person for not acting a certain way, or even try to understand their situation because unless we have actually gone through something like that then we can’t feel what they felt and how they feel. The only thing that we can provide is help and support and I believe that “Soul Speak Out” is a great way for women to talk about their experience. There they can meet more people who can understand their situation and help one another cope with the problem.  Allowing them to express their emotions shows that there are people who care and will help them make justice or just simply listen and provide advice. Many times fear takes over and women feel alone and as if no one will believe them or want to hear them but here they can post it anonymously or by name.

Danielle talks about an interview she had with Feminist for Choice and explains how she started her blog post and when she found out she was a feminist.  I thought it was interesting to find out how she came up with her blog post and how she says her blog  allows her to vent, muse, gush and decompress…in other words it is her “coming out”. She talks about how it took her years to realize she was a feminist and how she started to become aware of the sexist issues that existed.  

Danielle responded to “Where’s the Road beef?” an article by Maureen Dowd in one of her blogs. In this article Dowd, talks about the different terms that are used to describe a women by baseball players. “Slump buster” and “Road beef” are used to describe a woman who is big or ugly or a combination of both. As she mentions in her blog, this shows how we are in a society where women are judged by their looks and men for the size of their wallets. Women are no longer respected by men and this is all because some women don’t follow the “image” that is supposed to be followed according to our society. Our worth should not be determined by our body, because there is more to us then just physical appearance.

The last blog post she talks about is “Fbomb, Smart Girls, and Ruby the Feminist”. In this post she mentions how this site allows young feminist writers vent their frustrations and debate. The site recognizes girls “who have change the world by being themselves”. One of those girls is Ruby, who is 7 years old and is a serious advocate for women’s rights and self-proclaimed feminist. She wrote a book in kindergarten stating “if boys can do it, so can I.” Ruby has a belief that girls and boys are all equal. Danielle states that she envies Ruby for having found something that she believes and not caring what other might think or say about her opinion. I personally would envy Ruby too, because she is so young and has noticed the inequality that goes on between girls and boys and has an opinion and beliefs that it’s shouldn’t be this way. For a girl so young to be open up and interested in a topic like this it is to admire and look up to.

Danielle has allowed for many people to be more aware of issues, be able to share their problems and have a place where they can relate to and understand.


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  1. Danielle B. October 22, 2010 at 3:50 am #

    Hi there! Thank you so much for reading my blog! This article really inspires me to want to keep writing 🙂

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