14 Oct

F bomb

The article I chose  was written by Courtney F.  Her article titled “A Modern Rant on Modern Feminism” discusses the common stereotypes currently facing feminism.  After reading the article, all I can say is that Courtney needs to grow up and stop acting like a victim. 

I am not going to try and hide my true feelings.  I think feminism is nothing but a giant scheme constructed by women in order to receive special treatment.  All this woman does is complain and I find it incredibly annoying.  Women like her are the reason I look down on feminism.  She needs to realize that men created this great country and many others as well.  Men created buildings, cures for diseases and pretty much anything relevant in this world.  Courtney tries to come off as strong and independent but she actually appears to be quite self conscious and very weak.  I find that very ironic.  I’m all for equal rights and I have no problems taking orders from a woman but she I get the feeling she thinks women are entitled to special treatment.  There are always going to be sexist people, get over it.  When I saw title of the article, I got very excited.  I thought I was going to get a well written article which would prove to me that not all feminists are crybabies, but sadly I was wrong.  Prove me wrong and other sexist people by succeeding in life.   Women have no one to blame for their perceived images other but themselves. 

If women want to be taken seriously, they need to stay strong and go against the norm.  Martin Luther King and Ghandi faced challenge but in the end they prevailed.  If Courtney really feels this way, then she needs to prove to me and other readers that she is capable of being my equal.  I may come off as a little arrogant and condescending, but I honestly don’t care anymore.  I have had the women in my life constantly put down my opinions and sick of it.  Feel free to comment.

John DiChiaro


3 Responses to “Blog#1”

  1. ysamar October 14, 2010 at 4:38 pm #

    I have to say I love your honesty. I can see that many women just complain and complain, but I can also say that there are many others who are actually taking a stand. I don’t feel as women just want special treatment, although for some that may be the case, I feel that most are so fed up with the treatment they have endured and the countless amount of responsibilities that society needs to somehow make up for it. I personally just want equality in ALL ends. To elaborate, I believe that, for example in a monogamous relationship, if the man is healthy and abled then he should also clean, bare half the responsibility for the children, cook, and do other house chores. Women nowadays work just as hard as men, so if we are out in the workplace now then men can be part of the housework also.

  2. darian12 October 14, 2010 at 7:22 pm #

    While I do appreciate you putting your honest opinion women WERE oppressed in society. While men were created diseases anytime women tried to do anything with science they were burned at the stake because they were a witch. When the men created this country women had no rights even in their own home. I do agree that there are women who do complain and do nothing but there are many women who are working to fight the norm of women staying home. I believe that most modern feminists are fighting to break the stereotype of being a stay at home mom and becoming things they couldn’t before which are politicians, business owners, lawyers etc. In my opinion its opinions like yours why there is feminism. You group all women that are feminists into a lump and decide that they all complain rather than finding the ones that are actually making a difference.

  3. jd316 October 15, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    I appreciate your comment. Technically I am for equality . I want women to be able to get drafted and pay for the bill. I have nothing against being a stay at home dad. If I had the choice, I would rather stay at home then work. I just hate when Feminists feel they are entitled to special privilages. I do want everyone to be treated equally as well.

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