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14 Oct

Lachrista Greco writes the blog called REBEL GRRRL ITALIANA. One of her blog posts is called “Rita Atria: La Siciliana Ribelle”. The post is about a movie that she went to go see called “The Sicilian Girl”. She explained the movie and I found it to be very interesting and inspirational. It was a true story about a 17-year old girl named Rita Atria who was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Her family was a family that was affiliated with the mafia and when her father and brother were killed as a result she went to the police.

I found this a very brave thing to do because she went against where she came from to honor her father and brother. Some people would argue that her father and brother would be disappointed because mafia gangs are so tight knit and she gave up many other names she knew to the police. But I would say that it was very honorable because she stood for what was right in the end. Even if this meant risking her life because she and the police knew that the mafia would be after her after she had spoken. Not only was she risking her safety also, her family completely disowned her. She was placed in the witness protection program.

The mafia killed two men who were working on the case of her father and brother. Rita kept a diary in which she wrote “I am devastated by the killing of Judge Borsellino. Now there’s no one to protect me, I’m scared and I can’t take it anymore.” The ending to this story is tragic. Because of remorse and emptiness Rita jumped out of her 7th story window plunging to her death. Although in the end Rita could not deal with the pain of everything that had been happening in her life she still shows an inspiring story of courage and justice. Doing what she believed ultimately ended in her death because she felt like she had no one anymore. She was so scared and felt like there was no other way out. I loved the way Lachrista ended the post “Through the darkness and pain, Atria wrote bits of hopefulness. She states: “Perhaps an honest world will never exist, but who prevents us from dreaming. Perhaps if each one of us tries to change, perhaps we will succeed.”’ She leaves the post in a positive light leaving the reader with hope.


One Response to “Blog Post #1”

  1. dsapanaro October 15, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    WOW! Your post really touched me because it is so sad how corrupt people can be. I praise Rita for her honesty because it does take an indescribable amount of courage to go against your own family. But, this post also reminded me of a quote by Ghandi. This quote is one I truly value in my life and hope you enjoy it too. The quote is:YOU MUST BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

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