LYNX shower gel Ad

16 Oct

I thought that LYNX shower gel was a very cool ad because it did a good job in targeting men. As you can see on the image, there is a woman with a gorgeous body, covered in dirt, with “wash me” sign on her stomach. This ad does a very good job in capturing viewer’s attention. Under the LYNX logo it says “Get Dirty”. I guess the message that they are trying to deliver is that men should not be afraid to get dirty. Actually the opposite; they encourage men to get dirty because then they will have a chance to take a shower with a beautiful girl like the one on the picture. I think that another message that this ad is trying to convey is to see if the viewer is man enough. Man enough to step up and wash this girl without being afraid of getting dirty. No matter how dirty you get, LYNX will be there to clean you up. This ad concentrates on the woman’s body, without even capturing her face. I think that it is not right to have a girl just show her body, because then she is just seen as a sex object.


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