Blog Post 1: Response to Blog

18 Oct

I read a blog called Feminism/ Popular Culture, and I found a really interesting post about a new video game that “offers feminist commentary.” The game is called “Hey Baby” and basically takes the player through the streets of a city as a woman who is getting cat called and continuously sexually harassed. As the player you can shoot and blow up any man who says anything to you. The blogger hoped this game would bring up some discussion of the imbalance of power that is evident when men catcall women on the street. She also blogged that this video game was probably not the best response to the issue of sexual harassment on the street, it treats violence with violence, and the player being harassed is always a woman. This game is meant to be discussed in a serious way, even though it basically has the player shooting up every man who shouts at her on the street.

I thought the idea of the video game was interesting. As a young woman living in New York City, it is so frustrating to walk down the street and be cat called. I’ve tried everything because I hate it so much, I guess I feel so powerless when a man says something disgusting he “wants to do to me” on the street. When I first moved to the city I was a bit naive, but I learned quickly that wearing heels and a skirt was basically a death march. Now, if I’m going out at night, I wear flats and bring heels because it saves me from some unwanted attention. I’ve tried having the attitude of “screw it” I’ll wear what I want, but though I may appear that I don’t care, I am beyond uncomfortable. I’ve tried yelling at men when they say inappropriate things, but in most experiences, this has only lead them on. In the past year, I moved neighborhoods from Murray hill to the financial district. I was excited at first because I thought dressing how I wanted would draw less attention here, where people are more expected to be dressed up. Not so. In my experience it doesn’t matter if it’s a construction worker, or a wall street man, I am still harassed at the least, 5 times a day.

I think this video game, though a bit overboard, has some great underlying messages. Obviously it wouldn’t have been made if street harassment wasn’t such a huge and annoying part of most women’s lives.


One Response to “Blog Post 1: Response to Blog”

  1. tanishsethi October 21, 2010 at 1:22 am #

    Hey Emily, I totally agree with you that its extremely disrespectful when men pass such comments on the streets and harass women. Since I’m a guy, I wouldnt say that I can imagine what its like being cat called because then I would be lying. It must be really frustrating for women but dont you think that maybe this video game is taking things a bit too far. The only reason I’m saying this is because video games these days have a great impact on people. I’m sure you’ve heard of the case when a teenager fatally shot a cop and drove off in the police car. When he was arrested he said that life is a video game and it has to end sometime. He had been greatly influenced by this game called Grand Theft Auto which had a similar gameplay as to the one you just described above where you walk around the streets and can kill people. So dont you think that this game instead of solving the issue might just give rise to something a lot worse? Isnt it taking women in the opposite direction of finding a solution to the problem?

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