Miller Lite Commercial

20 Oct

This commercial as everyone can tell is clearly targeting the male audience. Through this commercial, they are questioning a man’s masculinity and are trying to spread the message that ” If you are not drinking Miller Lite then you are not a real man! ‘Man Up’ is the latest Miller Lite’s campaign and they have come out with a few other commercials as well where a man is wearing a skirt and orders a regular light beer and another one where a man is wearing a kitty costume. I think that this campaign is a great marketing strategy because it concentrates on a man’s insecurity about his ‘manhood’. As you see in the commercial above a man has a purse on him but insists that its a carry on bag. This shows that he is quite feminine and it has to do with the fact that he has always been drinking regular light beer, while real men drink Miller Lite. Through this campaign they have also been able to capture a huge female audience because they also have been emphasizing on the taste of Miller Lite and the fact that its a low calorie beer which is appealing to most women.


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