POP GOES FEMINISM: No Females Allowed in Pixar’s One Man Band: Toy Story Three and the not-Brave firing of Brenda Chapman, Pixar’s First-ever Female Director- Girl w/ Pen Blog

6 Nov

Blog Post #2


The article I chose to write about is called “POP GOES FEMINISM: No Females Allowed in Pixar’s One Man Band: Toy Story Three and the not-Brave firing of Brenda Chapman, Pixar’s First-ever Female Director” by the blogger Natalie Wilson on Girl w/ Pen. The blogger basically writes about the gender roles in the film Toy Story Three itself as well as off the screen debacles. She talks about how the female characters in the movie are underrepresented. Out of all the toys, there are only basically like at most 6 female characters which include: Jessie (the cowgirl), Barbie, Mrs. Potato head from the original ones but in the new film it has Dolly (a doll), Stretch (octopus), Trixie (female version of Rex who is a dinosaur), and Buttercup(pony). The movie is mainly men dominated. Even when the female characters are trying to get some spotlight in the movie, the male characters are always trying to seduce the females. For example, for much of the movie, Barbie has fallen in love for Ken, while Mrs. Potato Head interacts with another character other than Mr. Potato Head and Jessie has gone soft for a Latino version of Buzz Light year. In the blog, it says “Pixar films are an improvement on Disney. But need we settle for “better than Disney”? Can’t we ask they also make films with female protagonists, with racial and class diversity, without homophobic jokes, and, ahem, with FEMALE DIRECTORS?” I agree with her. There aren’t many characters in the animation or in non animation films that have female protagonists with diversity. There are some like Mulan, The Princess and the Frog, Pochantas and others but I feel there should be more. Disney films have fallen into the category of basically portraying blonde, skinny, white females as the protagonists and is powerless unless she finds a male counterpart. However we don’t live in a society that only has this type of stereotype. . We live in a diverse society and why not embrace it on screen since some of the stories are told from personal experiences? The second aspect that is brought up by Natalie is the fact that women aren’t directors in these films. Brenda Chapman was fired from the Toy Story project and she was the first ever female director as part of Pixar. In the blog it says ““The bigger issue here is not the firing but why Pixar has never had a female director to begin with. The bigger story to my way of thinking is the utter lack of female input behind the scenes and the lack of female protagonists on screen.” I concur with this statement. As Sharon Waxman & Jeff Sneider write, “The animation industry is not known as a warm and fuzzy place for women.”So what industry or place can women feel warm and fuzzy? Only in the household? I’m appalled. I feel that women can do anything that men can do. What’s more to directing as long as you have the drive and the creativity? Man or woman can do that. No matter your gender, you should be able to do whatever you want in life and not be restricted just because one gender is more populated in that career/industry. Basically No job should be gender specific. . It was even a shock when the female director of the Hurt Locker won the Oscar and she was the first woman to ever get that prestigious honor.


4 Responses to “POP GOES FEMINISM: No Females Allowed in Pixar’s One Man Band: Toy Story Three and the not-Brave firing of Brenda Chapman, Pixar’s First-ever Female Director- Girl w/ Pen Blog”

  1. ysamar November 8, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    Women have come a long way but apparently this article proves that we have a lot more work to do. Pixar is a well known production company that make KIDS movies. Now this is a shame .. its teaching the new generations that men are still superior and gives the impression that they will always be the ones to take over and be in the spotlight.

    • darian12 November 11, 2010 at 5:35 pm #

      I completely agree with you, I haven’t seen toy story 3 so I haven’t seen the actual examples of it but from hearing from you it’s disgusting. Young girls are being shown that they cannot be independent on their own and they have to depend on men. It is also disgusting that the male characters constantly try to seduce the females in the movie because it constantly brings up the fact that a woman is just an object and not an actual person. These movies should be promoting girls to be independent and do things on their own not showing girls that they should be a sex symbol. Children watch these movies and the movies play a part in their development, this would be terrible that all little kids would be using these cartoons as role models. I completely agree that Pixar and Disney has to change the way that they are portraying women.

      • monicagarber1989 November 11, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

        I completely agree with both of your thoughts. Movies and pop culture have a great influence on children and play a big role in their thought process and how their minds work. It is our role being the adults to have a positive influence on them. Pixar and Disney have to put women in a more positive light for children. I also cannot understand why people are so anti female directors. I think women can do any job just as good as men can, if not much better.

  2. jd316 November 18, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

    Wow, this article was the biggest load of garbage I have ever seen. No rational human being in the country thought toy story 3 was sexist. Its the most critcally acclaimed and commerically sucessful animated film. It amazes me how stupid these feminists are when they try to pick a fight where there isn’t one. Didn’t Hitler used to do that.

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