blog 2

10 Nov

Angie Rubino
Intro to Women Studies
Professor. Petrino
Blog 2

This blog brings up a crucial point in the fight against gay prejudice. There are all these campaigns to help the gay community. There is National Coming Out Day. But is any of that truly effective? Does the simple fact that it is National Coming Out Day mean that the all the stereotypes, prejudice, and negativity instantly fade away against the gay population? These campaigns saying that it is safe to come out of the closet does not directly change the fears and concerns of every woman or man still attempting to hide who they truly are. For every success story out there of a man or woman who came out of the closet and experienced the bare minimum of ridicule and even acceptance, there are plenty more stories of not so triumphant gay people who had to deal with taunting, violence, loss of their job or family, and there are many who even committed suicide. Another point the blogger tackles is the “grey area” of homosexuality and the “either/or” standard. Either gay or straight, boy or girl, no in between. The general population has yet to grasp the concept that a physical boy may want to be considered a girl, and vice versa. The notion as well that one can be both in and out of the closet is also an absurd thought to many. Why? No idea. There are many gay people out there who are “out” to their friends, and “in” to their families. These concepts are not exceptionally difficult. It is in the minds of ignorant individuals where the difficult occurs.


2 Responses to “blog 2”

  1. darian12 November 11, 2010 at 6:20 pm #

    Personally I don’t think it is “safe” for these people to come out. These campaigns will always use success stories but you barely see horror stories. I think it is unfair for these campaigns to give homosexuals who haven’t come out yet unrealistic hope. Don’t get me wrong I believe that everyone should be accepted regardless but not everyone feels the same way as me. In my high school there was one gay guy and he was constantly tortured because he came out. I felt horrible for him because people shouldn’t be bullied for who they like. This campaign gives homosexuals one free day without prejudices but it is not sensible because these people will have to suffer constantly. Also the fact that these campaigns only include homosexuals instead of including transgendered and hermaphrodites is not fair. This makes these transgendered and hermaphrodite women and men feel like they can never be themselves publicly because no one is having a movement for them, or a fight against transgendered or hermaphrodite prejudice. Everyone should be taken into consideration when a group would like to plan an anti prejudice campaign.

  2. monicagarber1989 November 11, 2010 at 7:55 pm #

    I think that all of the campaigns to help the gay community and National Coming Out Day all help to encourage homosexuals to come out of the closet. It helps them feel that they are not alone out there and that there are people just like them in the world. It is safe to come out of the closet nowadays because there are gay people everywhere. In fact, there is at least one gay student in each one of my classes and they are very much open and proud of the fact that they are gay.

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