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11 Nov


This article discusses a Jersey Shore episode in which Mike “the situation” makes out with a woman in a club who appeared to be transgendered. The author goes into detail of different clips in that episode where the other cast members refer to this person as “it” and “tranny” during the few short clips of it. The author says that the attitudes towards this woman were “undeniably reprehensible and offensive”. She then goes into detail about the reunion show when they bring up this incident in detail. They show different clips about the show when a different cast member made fun of him and dressed in a dress, while the others just constantly make fun of him. Even the hostess made slurs, by saying “who was that tranny? What was up with that?”

Because of this, MTV has apologized “for their insensitive framing of this incident and Trans gender people, and offered to delete the segment, but the damage is already done. It shows the continued fear within our society of trans gender people and issues”. “They are, for better or worse, influential in shaping many young minds”.
This article is very similar to the one we read, called “Hermaphrodites with Attitude”, by Amy Bloom. Society’s reaction to trans gender people causes more Hermaphrodites to go through sex change operations to avoid ridicule and embarrassment since society views these people as laughable.

In the article “Hermaphrodites with Attitude” “one doctor wrote in 1992; only slightly worse to be dead then intersexed,” (Blooms 2002: 244). Again, this is an example of how society has such a negative idea towards hermaphrodites. Since these ideas are so negative, parents are afraid that their child will be made fun of when they grow up so they decide to have their children undergo surgeries that may not be what the child would choose for him/her self, if given the option. The reason why parents do this is because they are afraid of stories like this one on the blog. No parent wants their child to be the butt of a joke, so they feel they can fix the problem when the child is first born, so it will be okay and not be made fun of. But Bloom states that “there are more psychological and sexual dysfunctions occur” because of the sex change surgeries that parents force on their children.  What people do not realize is how common it is for a person to be born this way. Bloom states that “This scene occurs about two thousand times a year in hospitals all over America” Blooms 2002: 244).

What needs to be done is people need to allow their child to be whatever gender that they want to be and should be able to either change back and forth or decide for themselves which gender is more comfortable for them. Society as a whole needs to realize that male and female are not specific and exclusive, there is a group of the population who haven’t figured out which category fits best. Parents need to stop putting their children through these intrusive and dangerous surgeries when the child is still a newborn because it might not be what the child wants later in life. Being forced to be a sex and go through these surgeries can be traumatizing on a child, especially if the surgery makes them a sex that they do not want to be. Society needs to stop judging these people for choosing to be different sexes. TV shows like Jersey Shore just enforce the negativity and make these poor people’s live even more difficult.  Hermaphrodites were born the way they are and they deserve to make their own choices.


2 Responses to “blog post #2”

  1. monicagarber1989 November 11, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    This is a great blog and I completely agree with your thoughts. I actually saw this episode and it was a woman who Mike “The Situation” kissed. The reality is that the girl was probably so embarrassed after being featured on television and having half of the United States laughing at her that she probably did not leave her house for a few days. People are so quick to pass judgment on the way others look. It’s kind of like seeing girls with short haircuts and immediately saying that it’s “man-girl or he-she.” I hear it every day in school and on the train. Sadly, many people are rude and speak their minds way too openly. Parents should have no say in changing the sex of their children. It is immoral and just plain wrong. The effects can include a lifetime of psychological trauma and confusion. It is a choice that should only be left to the actual child to decide upon.

  2. ysamar November 11, 2010 at 9:05 pm #

    It’s amazing to me how much a “free” country judges so much.
    People who put down hermaphrodites need to realize that it is a natural occurrence that they can’t help. Parents of these children need to take into consideration that if their child doesn’t feel the gender they chose for them then the child will still be ridiculed because now the child is a homosexual, and in the norm that’s not acceptable.

    So, let the child be whoever they want to be, let the child decide.

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