The Real Value of Womens Work

12 Nov

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This article intrigued me because I know of several men who want to go into this profession.  The author, while she has a valid point, seems to give this type of career a gender requirement and assumes that it is work to be done by a woman.  While she makes a valid point explaining how these social service workers are drastically underpaid, I find a flaw in her argument since she sounds like she is saying that only women have these types of jobs.

She is right though, in a sense no one really wants to grow up being a teacher or in a field for social service.  It’s just not something that is instilled in our society.  When I was in elementary school I wanted to be a geologist, and then an astronaut, and many other things but a teacher was never on my list for possible future occupations and never will be.  There is simply no money in it and there is too much aggravation in trying to become one.


-Bryce Clarke


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