Blog 3

13 Nov

Angie Rubino
Intro to Women Studies
Blog #3
Professor. Petrino

I was all ready to be against this blog. I thought it would be just another blogger bitching about how women are overly sexualized in the media, which, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few decades, you already know. But the point this blogger brought up is the hypocrisy in the Candies advertisements. They show half naked women on the cover, encouraging the girls who read it to try and be as sexy as the women represented while at the same promoting an abstinence campaign. As their slogan states; “I’m sexy enough to keep you waiting.” What the f**k kind of message is that supposed to be? They’re preaching abstinence to women, which, only perpetuates the myth that women and women alone are responsible for pregnancies, and STI’s.
Like the blogger brings up, if Candies does not want teenage girls to get knocked up the only solution is to educate them. Not turn them into human sexbots or scare them away from sex, or tell them that if you do get pregnant, well, it’s alright as long as you’re from an upper class suburban powerful family…like the Palins. The only way magazines know how to promote and get readership up is by using sex which then leads them to a moral dilemma of advocating sex to teenage girls. So how can they use their most effective tactic without having to take on the responsibility of teaching sex to impressionable girls? I’m sure one day they’ll figure it out. Or just tack on a sewing kit to the back of their magazines and movies and start to encourage girls to sew their knees together.


One Response to “Blog 3”

  1. ysamar November 16, 2010 at 3:47 pm #

    I wrote about this article and for the same reason, its ABSURD!
    Candie’s needs to realize that their campaign isn’t helping anyone but their wallets. If they truly cared about what teenage girls were doing they wouldn’t be going about it in such a horrible way. Its called EDUCATION, not just telling them what they need to be doing.

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