Pink Cleats

14 Nov

Ysamar Garcia

Blog Post #3


This article caught my attention as soon as I read the title, “Student cut from high school football team for wearing pink cleats.” The article is about a high school student named Coy Sheppard from Mississippi who is filing a lawsuit against his school. The reason he is suing is because he was kicked off his football team because he wore pink cleats, given to him by his great-grandmother to represent her and his grandmother, who both survived breast cancer, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When Sheppard’s coach saw his cleats he said it was “too great a threat to football to be allowed.” The reason for this threat is because pink is too feminine.

I can understand that pink has been perceived to represent girls and seen as a girly color, but the coach here took it way too far. Breast Cancer is a serious issue for many women and for him to disrespect the awareness is incredible. So what if it was football cleats? I applaud Sheppard for wearing them and representing the people who mean a lot to him. He had all the right to wear those cleats. The overreaction in all this just goes to show how stiff the rules of gender have become.

The author of this blog doesn’t leave out that this is also the state in which “Constance McMillen was told she couldn’t bring her girlfriend to prom.” Are the schools so closed-minded that they can’t accept students the way they are? It seems as if Mississippi schools need to feel a sense of control to keep the society norm in check. Obviously it isn’t just the coach that needs a reality check; maybe it’s the whole state of Mississippi.



One Response to “Pink Cleats”

  1. darian12 November 16, 2010 at 10:08 pm #

    I completely agree that this is disgusting. Coy was wearing the shoes to represent the people he loved. The NFL does it during breast cancer awareness month and it isn’t feminine so why should it be fair for Coy to get kicked off his football team. By wearing pink cleats he is representing that people can fight breast cancer and that people should continue to support it. When students get customized cleats with their numbers, nicknames and school colors its allowed and everyone thinks it’s amazing so why because the cleats are pink is it okay to kick someone off a football team. I think this is wrong and completely unfair to Coy. He is expressing himself by the color of his cleats. If it was any other color it would have most likely been allowed but because pink is generally feminine its a problem when it shouldn’t be.

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