Not So Gleeful: What’s Wrong With GQ’s Latest Shoot

16 Nov


This article I chose to analyze is called “Not So Gleeful: What’s Wrong With GQ’s Latest Shoot”. This blog post was contributed by Julie Z on the F-bomb blog. Basically the article talks about the recent pictures of some of the hit Fox show “Glee” actors pose for GQ magazine. A lot of critics said that these pictures were risky. The shoot was done by infamous photographer Terry Richardson (no stranger to overtly sexual photo shoots and even sexual harassment claims) features three of the main stars of the Fox TV show in almost pornographic poses. In the article it says “Of course, there has been plenty of uproar concerning the fact that these overtly sexual images are borderline pedophilic – due to the fact that these actors portray teenaged characters and cater to a young audience, despite the fact that they are all over 21.” I agree with Julie when she says “But in reality there are gender-related issues involved in this shoot other than the purity of our nation’s children and their inability to process sexualized images”. I have mixed feelings about this topic. My favorite show is Glee but I found the photos to be somewhat risky. I have mixed feelings about the photos because I feel that the actors are old enough to do what they please. However I feel that these photos are degrading women. On the front page of the magazine, it shows Corey Monteith smiling while caressed by Diana Argon and Lea Michele. Why do women have to be sexualized in the pictures? Can’t they be themselves as well? I feel that this poses the fact that women are just objects compared to men. Like in the article,I agree with Julie when she says there is a double standard in this photo spread. “Cory Montieth is smiling (read: looking like a normal person) in every photo, where as Diana Agron and Lea Michele are too busy pouting their lips or bending over to remember how to look like real humans” Another example where it shows women as sex objects is when it has a photo of Corey playing the drums while Lea Michele spreads her legs on a bench in one shot and seductively licks a lollipop and Diana Argon straddles Monteith. While Monteith is able to actually do things, Agron and Michele must look like they’re ready for things to be done to them. I’m somewhat appalled. Even though I’m appalled by the photos, it wasn’t marketed for women. GQ is for predominantly men. I wonder what the message for young girls will be when they see this. Some people would follow the way of their role models and think that they have to do that in order to be accepted in society. Glee is about being yourself and diversity but I don’t think one would call that being themselves in the photos. I’m on both sides on this issue.  I feel the women are overexposed in these photos but it may just be me.



4 Responses to “Not So Gleeful: What’s Wrong With GQ’s Latest Shoot”

  1. ysamarg November 16, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    I think the photos are degrading towards women but I also feel like u do, they know what there doing. The actresses are old enough to know what kind of message their sending out. Unfortunately many young girls won’t see it as they do though, which is harmless.
    Hopefully young girls will look past these photos and focuse on the real meaning of Glee.

  2. ysamar November 16, 2010 at 3:42 pm #

    I agree with you. These actresses know what they’re doing and they’re doing it anyways. They know that they are looked up to by many young people and they go on about there business. I agree that they can do whatever they want being adults but I feel like they should think about the influence they have on teens. This photo shoot is nothing but another money-making expose.

  3. darian12 November 16, 2010 at 10:03 pm #

    I agree with your comment on the article. Even though these adults are old enough to be taking risky pictures like these they are portraying young teenagers. I honestly find the pictures disgusting and degrading. These women have great voices and they can act really well so why is one of them straddling a bench with barely any clothes. This girl makes a horrible role model for other girls. It shows that no matter how high a woman can get in society or Hollywood for example she will always be a sex symbol. Maybe these actresses didn’t realize the image they were portraying but by being on a teenage sitcom they should not take jobs that make them look like sex objects when they know they are younger children’s role models.

  4. jd316 November 18, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    I dont see what the big deal is with the shoot. Todays generation is so desensitized by sex and violence in the media that it wont affect them. The highest rated shows today are garbage reality tv shows. If glee came out in the 90s and they took these pictures. I might be a little offended. However compared to everything else in the media today, this is tame.

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