Blog Post #3

16 Nov

The Feministing Rom Com Review: Morning Glory
By Chloe

I decided to do the blog by Chloe which was the review of the new movie Morning Glory. The author does a brief synopsis of the movie and why it is positive for women. She goes into detail while explaining the movie that the main character Becky Fuller dreamed of working at The Today Show. This movie shows how Becky works hard for her position and is well liked by everyone that she works with. This movie shows that Becky is a hard worker but she’s not a b**** which most women are showed to be in these kind of movies. Becky shows that she doesn’t really care about being in a relationship and she is very clumsy and awkward throughout the entire movies. One major thing that stood out about this movie was that “we don’t see Becky transform from poised, collected career woman into bumbling singleton whenever an attractive man enters the room. Her clumsiness and lack of polish are part of her personality” (Chloe 2010). Ultimately Becky chooses her career over romance which is very unlikely for modern movies.

The author summarizes the movie as a movie about an uptight career woman who doesn’t have the time or social skills for a relationship. Most movies that are out show the previous things but also show that the woman is absolutely miserable, this movie however shows the opposite which is that she doesn’t mind about not being in a relationship because she loves her work.

I think this was a great blog and movie review because this movie shows women how to break out of the gender roles. By showing hard work and dedication of Becky this movie shows that women can accomplish their dreams as long as they try hard. This movie also shows a woman in a dominating role without portraying her as being a b****. This is a great movie for young women to watch and use as hope that they will be treated equally in the world as long as they put work before everything else. I was also glad to see that when she got in a romantic relationship she did not let it get in the way of working because too often women in movies give up everything for the man in the relationships.

In one scene her mother tells her to give up her lifelong dream, she explains that when Becky was eight she was adorable, when she was eighteen she was inspiring and at twenty-eight it’s embarrassing. Her mom is basically saying that Becky should give up her life-long dream because of what other people think. This reminds me of the article The Social Construction of Gender by Judith Lorber. I think Lorber would say that because of gender expectations it is embarrassing for Becky to still try to fulfill her dream but if she was a different gender it would be different. Just as Lorber states that for people of different genders there are different kinds of jobs.

Another example in the movie that relates to this article is the fact that “gender is so pervasive that in our society we assume it is bred into our genes. And everyone “does gender” without thinking about it” (Lorber 1994 142). This is again explaining her mother’s view and also an anchor in the movie that refuses to do morning news and only does “hard news” because morning news is feminine and fluffy and basically beneath him. The reason why he likes evening news which is the real news is because evening news is when men come home from work and watch television. He makes this distinction without even realizing it. The final example is the basis of the movie. In all romantic comedies uptight career women who don’t have time or social skills for a relationship are always portrayed to be miserable until a man comes and makes them happy. This movie was a great defiance of gender roles. Society expects women to be miserable because gender roles but in this movie Becky’s work makes her happy and she doesn’t need a relationship despite gender roles.


One Response to “Blog Post #3”

  1. ysamar November 17, 2010 at 5:44 pm #

    I like how the movie shows how women can be on top without having a man, and that Becky is focused on herself and she accomplishes her goals. Yet, why can’t she have the career she always wanted AND have a partner? Is it because if she had a partner she wouldn’t be where she is today? It’s just a thought.

    The fact that her mother tells her to stop her dreams because of what people think is outrageous to me. Since when do people have to satisfy others? Do what you want to do and what makes you happy, forget society.

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