Blog 5

17 Nov

Angie Rubino
Intro to Women Studies
Blog 5

Heart Break and Feminism

This blog post was extra appealing to me because this time last year I went through the same situation just with three years more life experience than the Fbomber blogger. Without getting into the gory details, the girl code was broken; I lost two of my best friends, which split our group a part for about three months. I know they had no intentions to hurt me but that is what they did. Time past and we all missed each others company. Eventually we talked and apologies were made. I now have one out of two of those people back in my life which I’m fine with. This blogger brings up a valid point. No matter how “strong” a woman is or how much she idealizes her feminist values, a situation like this cannot prevent a woman from regressing to a sobbing girl. Does this make a woman less of a feminist? I don’t think so. Being a feminist does not strip away a woman’s emotions. Feminism is simply just the desire for women to be equal to men. Some women may find crying and showing their feelings as a weakness which may lead them to believe they are less of a feminist but everyone cries, everyone gets their heart broken at least once in their life. Like the blogger revealed, it was other women who helped her to overcome her heartache and feel empowered again. She thought she had lost her feminist way because she was acting like a typical heartbroken 17 year old girl. It was heartbreak that brought her and her friends together which helped her accentuate her feminine core and overcome the “garbage dump” of a situation.


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