Blog 6

17 Nov

Angie Rubino
Intro to Women Studies
Blog 6

The Beer Eye

This advertisement featured in the blog reminds me of the movie, Shallow Hal, seeing as how the advertisement is well…extremely shallow. It is publicizing its 29% alcoholic beverage by depicting a 29% attractive woman, the other 71% unattractive because she is overweight. Of course, overweight women are considered unattractive in our society. This advertisement is pretty disgusting as it perpetuates the myth that any woman that is not stick thin needs to be seen though beer eyes to appear the least bit attractive. What the blogger does not pick up on, the first thing I noticed, is the arm in which the woman in the advertisement is using to get a beer is the larger arm. I imagine this to represent a women’s “beer fetching” arm. The arm used to get a man a beer when ever he wants. This arm has to be superior and stronger than the average arm. Another advertisement in this blog is that of what they consider to be a very unattractive woman with exceptionally large breasts holding a beer, sending out the message that only large boobs can save the woman from her not so attractive face. These advertisements are exceedingly degrading and are just another example of how media depicts women as nothing but objects to be used by men. So many mediums are focused on changing the bodies and faces of women. These types of advertisements only help to distort the body images of women across the nation. But that doesn’t matter, right? As long as the beer companies sell their product and continue to make money…so they can develop their next ridiculous ad.


One Response to “Blog 6”

  1. darian12 November 22, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    Commercials like these make average women think they can never be beautiful. The media needs to stop putting disgusting advertisements on television like this. When there is a advertisement like this then it makes it okay for men to refer to this advertisement when they go out. This also poses for a major problem for women because even an average size woman will think she can only look good and only be picked up when a guy is wasted. This advertisement was disgusting and degrading.

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