Blog #2

20 Nov

Blogroll: Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist

Title: Ok, Beer Companies, Enough is Enough!



The blog is based on Danielle Burch’s review on an ad published by Coopers Beer company. Burch feels the ad itself is very degrading and disrespectful towards women, especially women who are overweight. Coopers beer advertisement tries to attempt a comical act by advertising an overweight woman with the acceptation of a pretty face. Basically, the beer company tries to promote their product which consists of 29% of alcohol by advertising a woman who could possibly suffer with obesity demonstrating only 29%  of beauty.

“If you haven’t quite grasped the ad’s concept (as it took me a minute to understand the first time I laid eyes on it), the miniscule caption in the lower corner reads: “Only 29% alcohol.” In the bulk of the ad we see a woman, but not really; she’s more of a hybrid, a ridiculous photo-shopped illusion of a woman. Her head is that of a young blonde (no doubt the representation of “beauty” here) and the rest is the body of a larger woman. Get it? 29% alcohol, 29% “hot chick”? This can also be read as: “when the women in your life aren’t attractive enough, just take a swig of Coopers Beer and you’ll be seeing [insert Hollywood actress here] in no time!”” – Danielle Burch

Burch points out the Cooper Beer advertisement to definitely focus on men as the main audience. She makes a valid point when it comes to those who created such an advertisement.

“Whoever created this ad obviously has no regard for the plight many women go through about their bodies, and is exploiting a barbaric stereotype that bigger women are “ugly” to get a cheap laugh. I hope you don’t think biases are clouding my judgment when I say whoever created this ad is immature, malicious, and down right cruel.” – Burch

Burch states the main idea of most advertisements is to sell a product. Though she found the Coopers Beer company advertisement to have gone too far by distributing a message that women who are fat are ugly, unattractive, or doesn’t belong. She brings a good point that women do undergo large amounts of criticism based on the way they look all the time. Countless criticism is already endured by most dietary or health channels with diet pill ads, work out shows, and also ads which advertise work out equipment. For beer to take up a new roll on establishing the flaws of women appeal, shows that now things could get out of hand… if no one says, “Enough is Enough!”

I agree with Danielle Burch’s argument that enough is enough. Women as a whole should stand up against the mindless people who keep advertising the dislikes about a woman’s body in order to make a certain product sell or obtain a good laugh.

– Gabrielle Burgos


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