Blog #3 ~Let’s Reclaim the Name

22 Nov

By: Chantell Walton


I chose the article in the  Fbomb blog “Let’s Reclaim the Name” written by Jill L because it examines the word Feminist and how it is preserved in today’s society. If you are like myself, you are probably sick of hearing comments such as; Man-hating, Hairy Arm-Pitted, Angry, Whiny, etc…Or perhaps you’ve heard some women say “I’m not a Feminist, But…”  Or my personal favorite being called a “Feminazi” But why such negative stereotypes and attitudes about Feminism these from both men and women? Why the backlash by both genders? Over the years considering one’s self a Feminist has turned into something women shy away from admitting or have to explain or justify. Why is that? This article has some interesting insights on the subject and the author shares similar viewpoints as myself. Relating  the discrimination against women to the discrimination against racial or religious minorities. As the Author proudly states;

“I am a feminist because I believe that your gender should not dictate whether or not you are granted opportunities in life”

I couldn’t agree more! Is it so wrong for women to want to be treated as equals and voice our opinions? Why are the  same attributes admired in men yet are  rejected for women?  Reinforcing yet another gender based double standard in our society.  I ask these questions because like the author, consider myself a Feminist. In turn, I have struggled with having to justify my own beliefs and correct others who choose to bash them. In my opinion Feminism over the years has been unfairly judged and misunderstood. To men, Feminist aren’t seen as women who deem themselves Independent, wanting to be treated as equals, with the same pay  as their male counterparts and not to mention reproductive & sexual freedom, etc.. But rather women wanting to perhaps want  be Men themselves. Because women are  are still viewed as being weak, therefore should stay “feminine”. Defying that gender based stereotype means you are deemed Masculine and/or Bitchy. It isn’t fair, but it indeed a reality. As the Arthur further states;

“As feminists, we need to come together to show that this view of feminism as a trivial, pedantic is as inaccurate as it is insulting.

Needless to say in my opinion, bad mouthing Feminist/Feminism is indeed an insult to the women who fought vigorously for equal rights through out history and who continue to do so today. We do need to Reclaim the name and make women and yes men too, Proud to say that they are Feminists!



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