Blog #3 Okay, beer companies, enough is enough!

22 Nov

I came across this article which analyzed a beer ad.  In order to some things up quickly, the ad basically pointed out that drinking beer can make unattractive women seem hot. They used an overweight girl in order to prove this point.  The article was written by your typical self pitying feminazi. 

All this women can do is point out how its sexist and wrong.  Seriously, all these feminists sound the same.  I think having a conversation with one is enough to last a lifetime.  She complains how the ad says that fat women can’t be attractive.  Did it ever occur to people that obesity isn’t attractive.  I feel this country is acting all backwards these days.  Now, it is looked down upon when a muscular person has confidence.  People are no longered allowed to have an ego apparently. Seriously, advertising will always be sexualized.  She needs to realize that people are aware that the ad is only joking. 

I also find it funny how she fails to mention how men are sexualized in ads to.  Once again she is only looking out for herself.  Feel free to comment



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