Blog Post #3 by Monica K. Garber

25 Nov

Monica K. Garber
Professor Lauren Petrino
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Blog Post #3

I chose the article in the feministing blog “Subway flasher gets Hollaback’d” by JOS. It is based on a link attached to the blog of a video of a woman confronting a man who had his penis out, in a condom, on a train in New York City. The mission of is to end street harassment. It allows for people to share their every day experiences. This video was taken on the 4 train between 42nd Street and Union square at 6:15 pm. This train was probably filled with adults coming home from work and children coming home from school. Clearly, the man who had his penis out is a psychotic moron who shows absolutely no emotion when the woman is yelling at him. I was completely baffled when I saw it and couldn’t believe my eyes. Sadly, I have heard numerous stories from my girlfriends about psychos on the NYC subway exposing their genitalia and sexually harassing them when the train is very crowded during rush hour. There should be a law stating that if a man is caught exposing his genitalia and there are witnesses, then he should have his penis cut off as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

The author says that “this video is a great way to show how technology is an excellent tool to fight harassment as people in the train start taking videos of the man with their phone and yell at him as well.” People in the video standing next to the man start yelling “we see your penis.” The man’s behavior is absolutely unacceptable. I truly hope that he was arrested because sick psychopaths like him should not be allowed to walk on the streets, or let alone be allowed to ride the subway. This man could have very well been a rapist. This sick mentally disturbed individual belongs behind bars.


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