Blog Post #4

30 Nov

“Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses

By Chloe


The article “Miss TSA” calendar reminds us just how unsexy some “sexy” poses are is a very interesting and hilarious article. The author Chloe mocks the pictures about how ridiculous sexy poses look. She then explains that the calendar was originally made for convincing doctors to buy x-ray monitors. She then goes into detail about the conventional definitions of “sexy” which has to do with facial expression, hair, makeup and a surrounding requisite beach or fur rug. Her definition of sexy has a lot to do with the article Fat as a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach. Susie Orbach states that a woman “is brought up to marry by “catching” a man with her good looks and pleasing manner. To do this she must look appealing, earthy, sensual, sexual, virginal, innocent, reliable, daring, mysterious, coquettish and thin” (Orbach 2009: 203). This quote really supports the author’s definition of sexy.  Society is so hung up on being these things whether its perfect hair, weight being sexy or virginal and they don’t really look at the big picture.

Susie Orbach’s quote above mocks these pictures and agree with Chloe’s opinion because the people in the calendar are using those manners in the photos and since it is an x-ray, the poses look absolutely ridiculous. The author also explains the code for “sexy” is the hair, the pout the lighting and the flesh. As you can see by the photo all of these things cannot be seen and this photo shows something that no one realizes. We are all the same on the inside, no matter how much plastic surgery, loosing or gaining weight, makeup or dying of hair when it comes down to it everyone looks the same. I think both Chloe and Orbach would agree that being sexy in society is everything.

I think this was a great article and I agree with Chloe’s definitions of sexy and the jokes about the x-rays. I think the pictures were really funny and that they mocked sexual photos.  These photos really show how uncomfortable it is for the woman who is modeling when you take away the person’s facially expressions and practically everything else except their bones.


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