Blog Post #4 by Monica K. Garber: In remembrance of poet and activist Laura Hershey

1 Dec

Monica K. Garber
Professor Lauren Petrino
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Blog Post #4

I chose the article in the Feministing blog “In remembrance of poet and activist Laura Hershey” by Miriam. It is a very heart felt tribute in honor of Laura Hershey, a poet and disability rights activist who passed away this past weekend. Laura was a talented poet, passionate activist, mother and partner. Laura was disabled throughout her life and the blog features an interview which she did that was featured on Feministing back in 2007. Laura said “I do not want people to think of disability in terms of charity. It’s a matter of justice. All people have rights and we have to ensure that those rights are truly available to people.” When we think of a disabled person, we immediately pity them in our minds because we know that they are not the same as people without any disabilities. People with disabilities are just like everyone else, only they cannot do some of the same things. They should always be entitled to the same equal rights and liberty as everyone else in United States. The sad reality is that both men and women with disabilities face unequal treatment by others, unemployment, and lack having access to healthcare.

In one of our past assigned readings titled “The Social Construction of Disability” by Susan Wendell, she discusses how biological and social interaction create disability. She sees disability “as socially constructed in ways ranging from social conditions that straightforwardly create illnesses, injuries, and poor physical functioning.” An example of this would be a little boy who is abused by his parents growing up which turns into a man who consumes a lot of alcohol to ease his psychological stress. This in turn makes him an alcoholic which in turn makes his liver sick and he eventually becomes very sick. It is a bad cycle which stems from making poor decisions in life.

I think that people who are born with disabilities ought to be treated just as equally as everyone else around them. It is not their fault that they were born a certain a way. As for people who become disabled due to their poor life style or poor decision making, shame on them. Your life is in your own hands, so if you choose to consume a large amount of alcohol and insist on getting behind the wheel of your car and getting into an accident, shame on you. Every day, we make choices that will affect our lives in the future and the lives of everyone else around us. A drunk driver can not only leave themselves paralyzed for the rest of their life, but they might also make the person in the car which they crash into paralyzed for the rest of their life. People must always think before they act.


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