Society and Feminism

1 Dec

Ysamar Garcia

Blog Post #4

Does Society Hate Feminism?

Natalia K wrote this article on the blog fbomb. She explains that as a feminist she has realized that many people don’t want to hear about feminism. She feels as if people should want to hear about the injustice and human rights, and of course a lot of people would, but not from a feminist. She says that her friends and family sometimes ignore her comments about feminism and so she doesn’t talk to them anymore about the issues facing women. Natalia questions why this is though.

In my opinion the reason why people shut down when they hear a feminist talking is because feminist have gotten a reputation of “it’s all about women” and “men are the enemy”. Feminists tend to be perceived as hardcore and really determined. After so many decades of this people tend to brush it off because they always hear the same thing. Just like anything else that has been dragging on for a long time.

Yet, feminists HAD to be aggressive and had to speak loudly to get their voice heard when they began. If they didn’t start strong and show everyone they were serious about having equal rights then who would’ve listened to them? In our first class meeting we spoke about the feminist movement that began in the late 18th – early 19th century, which is still going on. Who would’ve taken women serious in the 18th century if they weren’t determined, strong, and aggressive? Yes we have come a very long way since then, but some people believe feminists have reached their goal already and need to shut up.

They need a reality check, because equality is far from accomplished, and I don’t say this just for women but also for the homosexual community.


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