Blog #4

2 Dec

The article I found interesting was written by Natalia K on the fbomb blog.  In this article Natalia discusses how she feels a lot of the world seems to hate feminism.  She also explains when she talks about problems facing women to her family, they choose to ignore her.  I am not suprised at all by her families response.  As most of you know, feminism has degraded over the last few decades.  Feminists back then used to campaign for equal rights and protection.   Feminism toady is all about wallowing around in your own self pity.  Natalia is so whiny and annoying that even her own family can’t even bear to listen to her speak.  I personally find that very hilarious.  It really is a shame how such a powerful and inspiring group of people has degraded so much just because of few people feel the need to complain all the time.  Perhaps one day feminism will regain its former glory but until then, all we can do is hope that women like Natalia stop whining and actually try to make a difference in the world.


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