Blog Post #6 by Monica K. Garber: “The Plight of the Successful Woman”

2 Dec

Monica K. Garber
Professor Lauren Petrino
Introduction to Women’s Studies
Blog Post #6

I chose to the write about the article titled “The Plight of the Successful Woman” by Jill from the Feministe blog. The main idea that Jill is getting across to the reader is that successful women who make a lot of money have a very hard time finding men to be in a relationship with. Men often don’t like the idea of their girlfriend/partner making more money because they want to feel like they wear the pants in the relationship and can pay for things. This makes men feel manly. I love it when Jill says “poor men, sometimes their girlfriends pay for vacations, and sometimes their wives make more money. That must be hard.” It usually is. I think that nowadays, women are very empowered and many of them have much more successful careers than many men do. Women have the potential to earn more money and men need to learn to deal with it and suck it up. It’s currently 2010 and there are plenty of stay at home dads who cook, clean, and take care of the kids while their wives are out working and making money. Women can be bread winners too.

Jill talks about women like Bridget Jones and Miranda on Sex & the City who were rejected because of how successful they were. Many women date men who make more money than they do to feel that they are with a successful man, but many women also like the feeling of being successful on their own. Many women also think that your potential to earn a lot of money measures success. On the show Sex & the City, Miranda was a successful lawyer and her husband Steve was a bartender. When they first met, Steve was actually threatened by her success at first and wouldn’t let her buy him a suit or pay for dinner. I think this relates perfectly to a quote by Martha Burk in one of our past assigned readings titled “Power Plays: Six Ways the Male Corporate Elite Keeps Women Out.” She believes that “males, much more so than females, are conditioned almost from birth to view the world in terms of hierarchies, power relationships, and being winners.” I think that men always want to feel like they can support their wives and their families. That is what allows them to feel manly and accomplished. Although I completely agree with that idea, I also think that they need to be a lot more accepting of successful women.


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