Does Society Hate Feminism?

2 Dec


  I found this post very interesting because Natalia points out how women should fight for rights and make justice. I completely agree with her because I feel that women should get treated equally as men especially in a society like today. I found it ironic how she mentions that her female family members and friends completely change the subject or just not pay attention to what she shares about the topic especially because they are women! Like she mentions it is horrible that these women are not finding themselves involved or wanting to do something about it. Yet, I feel society is to blame because we are brough up with the idea that men are superior to women and therefore women believe that nothing should be or can be done about it. But if women keep having that mentality then how will women ever succeed and achieve what they want without having a barrier that won’t allow them to reach the same level as men? This is where educating society like Natalie mentions comes in. People especially women need to be more aware of the real issues that need to be resolved because they do affect us.


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