The Plight of the Successful Woman

3 Dec


The article I chose is called The Plight of the successful woman. This blog post was written by Jill on the Feministe Blog. In a nutshell, Jill is talking about successful women who can’t find themselves the male counterparts.  In my opinion, the reason why successful women can’t find men is the fact that males will feel less powerful in the relationship. I feel that in relationships, there will always be a power struggle between the individuals especially when it comes to money. Money is power. I feel that relationships can only work if you step outside the realm of money. Yes money is important financially but it shouldn’t really matter when you go out to eat. Who cares if the male or female pays, it shouldn’t be category to abide by. If one makes more than another,   Money controls people. If the male makes more, sometimes the woman will be like a slave to h. I think all relationships are different when it comes to money. Women need to be empowered. Women want financial independence. If a man in the relationship makes all the money, then the woman has no financial independence making her vulnerable and instable financially if they were to separate. My belief is that a career is first priority and marriage is secondary. Its all about financial independence especially in this rough economy. Jill says “Men and women who marry later have lower divorce rates and more stable marriages. Financial difficulties put a lot of strain on marriage, and are a leading reason for divorce”, which is what I emphasized before. She also says “Poor men, sometimes their girlfriends pay for vacations, and sometimes their wives make more money. That must be hard. Some couples manage it, somehow — she pays for all of the big expenses, but when they’re in public he pulls out his credit card so that it doesn’t look like she’s paying. She may be the one filling the joint bank account, but when the check comes, he lays down the cash. And he always drives.” Why does it matter who pays or picks up the tab. Is it so wrong for anyone to pay them? Just because he isn’t paying doesn’t mean he doesn’t wear the pants in the relationship or have money, it could be that the couple have made arrangements for these kind of things. There should be nothing wrong with a successful woman. It’s the same as being a successful man. No difference. But society thinks otherwise.


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