On #ForColoredGirls *Spoiler Alert*

4 Dec

This post discusses Tyler Perry’s movie “For Colored Girls”. The author of this post discusses the story outline of this movie and how she feels that it’s “anachronistic, unbelievable, over the top, basically like any other Tyler Perry production.” Some points of her blog post I can agree with. Others I cannot.

I totally agree with her view on his productions and how they are geared to one audience … which are people of color. I also feel like his productions give people of other races a chance to criticize African Americans wrongfully. He has never really made a production that shows blacks without struggles. He always paints this picture of a hurting black family, or of black people struggling to make ends meet until someone comes along and takes them out there misery.

I agree with this movie being over the top. But I also enjoyed viewing this movie because it painted a picture for situations that some people might sweep under the rug. Although Perry dramatized some of the situations and scenes in this movie it was a must see. People might not agree with his views and feel like he over does certain things but I feel like this movie has opened up the eyes of many.

The author says “Tyler’s rage at the black women who didn’t protect him comes through in every production he’s been associated with and perhaps his desire to understand their neglect might be better directed in the service of telling his own story, a story of a brown boy who wasn’t man enough for his father but man enough for the mother of a friend who molested him and the THREE men who did the same.”

This I couldn’t help but agree with. More than once Perry has painted the picture of a struggling woman through out his movies and plays. The women has always been the problem.

I would love if Tyler Perry could handle his issues and come to peace with his own demons within himself, then come back and tell a story of a woman on top, a successful woman who helps a man out and not the other way around.



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