On “POP GOES FEMINISM:Tangled Shows No Signs of Cutting Disney’s White, Male Roots”

4 Dec

Disney not making princess movies anymore ? What would you call “Tangled” then ? This blog post discusses Disney’s latest movie and how Disney is trying to make their movies not only appeal to little girls but also to boys, to adults. to everyone. They want to make their movies as engage-able as possible. I agree with this post a hundred percent.

There is such a stereotype to women. Where little girls grow up and believe in princesses being rescued by a handsome prince. But Disney wanted to try and change that…

The author of this blog post gives a plot summary to the movie saying that, “The “fun” story involves the kidnapping and imprisonment of Rapunzel – the female protagonist that Disney execs decided didn’t deserve to be front and center. And, even though Flynn admits the story “isn’t even mine,” the story becomes very much about him and less about Rapunzel. While this has been called a “gender neutral makeover,” it seems to me it is more of a masculinist makeover.”

Then in this movie they also paint a picture of “the right girl” by making her a young girl with blonde long hair and blue eyes. I just think Disney should start teaching young girls and young boys about real life. Fantasy can only keep them going for so long. So many kids grow up with the notion of this fantasy world and once the real world hits them they don’t know what to do. Disney should paint a picture for every scene. Make every movie diverse and enjoyable for everyone not just for one particular crowd or for one particular gender.



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