Blog Post # 4

6 Dec

POP GOES FEMINISM:Tangled Shows No Signs of Cutting Disney’s White, Male Roots

This article talks about the animated film ‘Tangled’ and the author constantly points out sexism that is a common theme in Disney films. She does make a great point when she says that this film is ironic considering Disney’s recent statement that they would not be making any more princess films. ‘Tangled’ itself is a princess film instead they just did not name the movie after the princess. Now I personally have not seen this movie but I have seen the trailer so I do have some knowledge about the movie. The story involves the kidnapping and imprisonment of Rapunzel – the female protagonist and Flynn Rider- the male protagonist who is a thief and helps Rapunzel escape and show her the world that she is missing out on. The author constantly keeps criticizing Disney when they portray  the girl being imprisoned all her life and they show a man who has basically seen it all. Now my thoughts on this are different. I think that she is reading too much into it. After all, its a cartoon and Disney is just following the traditional concepts and as far as I know kids like these kind of storylines. I even asked my 8 year old neices about this and they like watching girls being girls in these kind of movies. It is a business after all and they have got to give the audience what they demand. She also talks about Rapunzel’s parents and how her father dominates the screen and her mother is always in the background comforting him. Since the story is set in the 14-1500’s, with Kings and Queens, it does make sense because during those days women were powerless. But another part of me says that since it is a fairy tale, why care about realism? Why not add a little twist to the whole tradition of fairy tales and switch the roles around? Maybe have the male protagonist imprisoned all his life and have the female protagonist help him escape. But then I think that the audience itself would find this hard to digest. Boys are brought up with the general idea of being tough and girls vice versa. Now some of you might disagree with this but lets face it, in most cases this is true and like I said earlier, since this is a business, moviemakers will make movies based on the general public’s taste.


One Response to “Blog Post # 4”

  1. ysamar December 6, 2010 at 8:23 pm #

    Although I feel that Disney should try harder if they want to be gender equal, I also feel that if they went to the extreme of the girl being the “hero” then they won’t get as much views. People expect to see what Disney shows. Until the society norm is broken there is no way that any filmmaker will switch the roles of men and women, because in all reality like you said, they won’t make good money.

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