“Hey Baby”- 4th blog post

6 Dec


The article, “Hey Baby” discusses the new video game that shows hatred towards men. According to the article, “most women experience street harassment at one point or another”, and this video game allows them to take out their frustration. This game does the opposite of fighting gender-based oppression. The story of the game revolves around killing men. First of all I want to say that I disagree with the author; she looks at this game, as ”art” and I don’t agree with that. The purpose of the game is to take out women’s anger on men, but I believe that it will only cause more violence and gender based oppression. The article mentions that one of the reasons why men tend to harass women is because they want to make them feel powerless. I feel like this game allows for women to feel more powerful than men.  Since physical strength is often a big indicator of power, men tend to be more powerful. This game gives women a chance to not only to feel emotionally stronger, but also physically. Though I disagree with a whole concept of killing people for no reason, I agree with author’s idea that violence cannot be solved with violence.
I thought that this was an interesting article because I am a gamer myself, and I have never encountered a game that offers feminine commentary. In a gaming world, sexism is a big problem. I have been playing video games for a long time and very rarely do I see girls playing video games. Guys tend to make fun of girls who play video games. Personally, I don’t care whom I play with, but I often hear male players making offensive statements towards female players. Often female players have to hide their gender because they fear that they might get kicked from a game (when you play online and lot of players don’t like you, they can kick you out of the game). In my opinion the whole gender inequality in regards to video games cannot be more stupid.  There is absolutely no difference between male and female players.
In conclusion, the article, “Hey Baby” brings out some interesting ideas in regards to gender based oppression.  I feel that having a video game where women can kill men to make them feel better is a little to extreme. Violence is not the key to solving anything.


One Response to ““Hey Baby”- 4th blog post”

  1. ysamar December 6, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

    I agree with your opinion. Although as a woman I can get pretty annoyed when men talk to me as if I’m not their equal, I still don’t feel that killing men in a video game is okay. What if the tables were turned and it was men killing women because women were superior in the eyes of society? I’m sure a lot of women will not be feeling good about it. Violence only causes more violence, and even if it is just a video game the affect made on women will be real.

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