Blog Post #4 ~ Easy A and Teenage Sexuality

7 Dec


By: Chantell Walton

Once again I have chosen from the Fbomb blog, this time, a interesting look at the movie Easy A.  I was originally turned off by the formula teen comedy myself, for obvious reason (me not being a teen) But reading this article,made me realize an even deeper issue, this movies poses. A new twist on an old tale perhaps or something more. We’ve all heard it before, in High School a girl can either be a Slut or a Prude. In this case, being slut, helped one boy become a Hero & the girl a Pariah. Why is that? This holds true not only in teens but adults as well. But this is High School film, where reputations can either “make or brake” a teen. Teenage rules on sexuality is often mirrored by societies often double standard views. The Article explores this, going into detail about, referring to it as “The Stud and The Slut – a double standard so ingrained into our society and personal lives it’s accepted as fact and the correct order of the universe.”

I certainly agree, the rules of high School Teen today, has not changed.  The article explore the movie wich centers around the main character Olive, who in creating a rumor about hooking up with a fellow virgin friend, becomes in turn the school whore. Then going so far as to symbolically wear an Embodied A on her chest in harsh protest of the judgement received from the supposed indiscretion. A play on the Scarlet Letter, but also, exposing society’s Puritan like views on female promiscuity. Surprising because as the article states,  Society is both “Obsessed with & Scared of Sex.”  I applaud this writer Julie Z, for suggesting we do like Olive in the movie & renounce the out dated double standards & as she puts “Own It”. Perhaps not as literal as the character took in the movie, but in educating, young girls as well as boys about sex & perhaps reshaping our own views on what constitutes a female as a supposed “Whore” 


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