Blog Post # 5

7 Dec

This article is written by Samhita titled Once, again feminism ruins your love life. In this article the author refers to female independence as a major boner killer. She talks about different examples of different people in situations where a person with better jobs than their significant others couldn’t take the pressure. She gives a few examples, one of them was that her boyfriend suggested she change jobs because he no longer felt able to “seduce her” after her salary rose above his. More examples include, “A French management consultant said her husband, a teacher, stopped coming to parties with her because he felt inadequate every time anyone asked him what he did. A German banker said one reason her ex-husband left her for a physiotherapist was “because she would have more time for him”( Samhita 2010).

The author talks about how difficult it is to find someone that can be with you if you have a higher paying job then the average person. One person she cited even advised women who had high paying salaries to leave their expensive car home and go after men who draw their confidence from sources other than money. I agree with the author that the advice given by that person is ridiculous and should not be followed. She also talks about how women have fought hard to get where they are and the fact that she is a hopeless romantic and one day she will and every woman will meet one guy that won’t care how much more the woman’s salary is than their salary is.

In my opinion I agree with the author in the fact that women have tried so hard to get where they are and it still isn’t equal. But the few women that are that high up and have great high paying salaries have to deal with men feeling inferior are ridiculous. Women have never stopped themselves from dating men that had better jobs than them so why should men be afraid? Martha Burk agrees with the fact that there are very few women in high positions in her article Power Plays: Six Ways Corporate Elite Keeps Women Out. She states that “At the very top level of the Fortune 500, there are only nine female CEO’s. She also says “The numbers speak for themselves—and the higher you go in the hierarchy, the greater the enforcement of traditional quotas in favor of the dominant group” (Burk 2005). I think that Burk would agree while on more of a statistical analysis that the reason why men don’t want to be with women who hold powerful positions because it is not what is the norm and people do not want to change from what the norm is.

As a society we need to be more accepting of women taking higher ranking jobs and men need to be able to adjust. Women have been with men that made more than them salary wise for generations. But all of a sudden when women start making more it is a problem. Men need to realize that some women will hold a better paying position than them and many of them cannot handle it as you can see with the stories above.  I agree with the author when there are more guys able to deal with women getting paid more than them, but there aren’t really enough, people want to stay in the same norms that the man is the one who brings home the money and the woman stays home. We need to break from those holds and do what we want rather than what society wants us to do.


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