POP GOES FEMINISM:Tangled Shows No Signs of Cutting Disney’s White, Male Roots

7 Dec


The article I chose to write about is called “POP GOES FEMINISM: Tangled Shows No Signs of Cutting Disney’s White, Male Roots”. This article was written by Natalie Wilson from Girl W/ Pen blog. This blog post basically talks about the newly released movie “Tangled”. This is yet another Disney creation. The movie is basically about the kidnapping and imprisonment of Rapunzel who is the female protagonist and a male protagonist name Flynn Rider who is a thief that tries to help the female protagonist escape and see what she is missing out on.  I haven’t watched the movie, but the arguments stated in the blog seem plausible. Why is it that they said it is supposed to be for a “neutral audience” but as stated in the blog “the story becomes very much about [Flynn] and less about Rapunzel? If it is for a neutral audience shouldn’t both gender be presented equally rather than one more than the other? I think that is hypocritical. It is funny to me when the blogger talks about the bad news about the movie of how it “re-hashes the same old story”. This isn’t the first time Disney has done movies like this one. They pretty much are known for the princess movies or “ women awaiting for their prince or an evil stepmother/witch, that if you are male, you get all the action (in many senses of the word) and that beauty equals white, blonde, thin, and young”. It is very stereotypical of Disney for only incorporating blonde thin and young characters. I would have to agree with the blogger when she talks about the Disney announcement on not making another princess film. Isn’t this the movie the same as the other princess films besides the fact that they didn’t put princess in the title and that is considered groundbreaking news? I feel that Disney doesn’t really incorporate diversity as much as it should or hasn’t broken the barrier of just the princess/fairytale storylines. Yes there has been movies like it but not as much. Margot Magowan writes “because this boys club completely dominates kid world, their privileging of males over females with no care at all, their disregard for half the population, is really sad”. I truly agree with her because since animators of Disney is dominantly men, they don’t really know what mindset women have. Men have their fantasies of what these fairytales incorporate. I feel that there should be women contributing to the movies or at least if it is only a man’s world, at least make the stories relatable/real to the audience.  I feel that this movie is just the same as the other Disney films like incorporating a blonde, skinny woman. They incorporate an evil person, a man to save the woman and animals surrounding the environment when they sing. All in all, no groundbreaking moment and it’s the same old interpretations of fairytales.



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