Blog #5

8 Dec

The article I found interesting is called Just Because Berry is in the Name… found on the Fbomb blog.  In this article, the author goes into details on how things are perceived.  She uses bananas and strawberries as an example.  Bananas are really berries, even though people think they are fruit while strawberries are really fruit instead of berries.  This was a very poor analogy in my opinion.  Basically this feminist unsuprisingly whines about how men and women are unequal.  Feminists will never be happy in my opinion.   Despite the fact that women have the same rights as men, she still finds something to nitpick and complain about.  2.6% of ceo’s are only women because only 2.6% of women are actually qualified to run a company.  It’s science men are better than women at a lot of things.  We built hospitals and invented cures for diseases.  The best chefs in the world are also men, so I actually feel men belong in the kitchen more then women.  Perhaps one day feminists will come to realize that whining will never bring them happiness.  They need to actually study and work hard in order to succeed in life.

-John DiChiaro


One Response to “Blog #5”

  1. profpetrino December 16, 2010 at 2:51 am #


    Considering that most women, because of a history of lack of education and access to other resources, have never had the opportunity or the necessary background to do things such as become CEOs, build hospitals, discover cures for diseases, etc. I’m not sure we can quite say exactly what men do better than women (or vice versa) just yet. The point is that women are just beginning to get the chance to do that now (and within the past 20 years or so, depending on how liberal you want to be with that estimate). I sympathize with your feeling that many feminists are whiners, but I think the thing to keep in mind may be that just because feminists address inequalities, they are not always whining — often times, feminists are trying to draw attention to PAST inequalities so that society doesn’t assume we simply aren’t qualified to be, say, CEOs.

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